Primobol 50 mg

Primobol 50 mg

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  • Form: tablets
  • Dosage: 50 mg/tab
  • QTY in box: 60 tablets x 50 mg
  • Active substanse: methenolone acetate
  • Excipients: Cores: magnesium stearate, Kollidon CL (crospovidone), LUDIPRESS (lactose monohydrate, povidone, crospovidone). Film: copolymer of polyvinyl alcohol and polyethylene glycol, talc, titanium dioxide, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyvinyl alcohol.
  • Categories: Oral Steroids
  • Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Trade name: Primobol, Methenolone
  • Warning!  This product can be purchased solely by people who have reached the age of 21 years.
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Description of the drug (50 mg)

“Primobol” (Primobol, manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Moldova) is a gentle anabolic steroid. Active ingredient is methenolone acetate. Preparation form: 100 tablets. Active ingredient concentration: 50 mg / tab.

“Primobol” is a drug with a moderate level of anabolic activity and androgenic properties.

Prescription of the drug

“Primobol” is usually recommended to those who plan cutting, getting rid of fat, building muscle shape. Correctly calculated dosage allows you to maximize the beneficial properties of the drug minimizing the risk of any complications.

“Primobol” is the best choice for novice athletes planning their first cycle of steroids. This form of the preparations has moderate androgenic and anabolic indicators, the gaining of muscle mass will not be as fast as in the case of injections, but it will help to build up sufficiently voluminous muscles over time.

The result of taking “Primobol”:

• Mild and effective cutting process at the end of the steroid cycle;
• Activation and maintenance of active lipolysis (breakdown of fatty deposits);
• Increased endurance during the trainings.


Before you buy and start using Primobol, you should consult a professional trainer who will help you determine the optimal dosage of the drug and draw up a physical activity plan for the greatest efficiency.

The standard weekly dosage of “Primobol” for men is 300-400 mg. For women, the weekly dose of the drug should be significantly lower; it should be determined on an individual basis. The duration of the course of taking the drug and the corresponding training is 7-8 weeks. It is better to start post-cycle therapy two to three days after the end of the course.

Side effects

You do not need to worry about any negative effects, If the dosage is calculated correctly by a professional trainer. It’s not difficult to buy “Primobol”, it is considered to be one of the safest steroids in the form of pills.

If the recommendations regarding dosages and course duration are violated, athletes may face such troubles as:

• Testicular atrophy;
• Increased blood pressure;
• Increased cholesterol levels;
• Aggression and excessive excitability;
• Acne;
• Virilization.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you follow the recommendations of specialists, “Primobol” does not harm the liver. The drug is characterized by good tolerance and a low likelihood of health problems. One of the undoubted advantages is the lack of aromatization, that is, transformation into estrogens.

All these characteristics prove that Primobol one of the most popular steroid tablets for athletes. Thanks to the gentle action, the drug can be taken not only by men, but also by women. This preparation is especially suitable for the athletes who have a negative attitude towards injections.

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